The Range
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Control Tower

The Rangei


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Tower from the compound Tower from Quad 6. Controller (right) & scorer positions Looking north towards Quad 1 Looking out towards the northern end of the range. Looking out towards range centre External landline communications position Weather information (right)

Quad Towers


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Quad 5
Quad 6
Quad 1 from the forward sea defence Quad 2 in the tower
Quad 4.
Quad 5 from the approach track Quad 5 from Quad 6 Quad 6 from the approach track

Target 1: Strafe Panels

From Control Tower
From Quad 6

Targets 2 & 3: Ships (south)

T2 From Control Tower T3 from Control Tower

T2 & T3 from
the air

T2 & T3 from Quad 6 Close-ups of T2 Close-up of T3

Target 4: Ship Pair (north)

From the air From the Control Tower T4 & T5 from the air From Quad 6 Close-ups
T4 from the range Old T4 (now T7) up VERY close

Target 5: Dive Circle

From the tower Targets 4 & 5 from the air From Quad 6 From the range

Target 6: Pylons

From the air From the Control Tower From Quad 6 Close-up
Tactical Targets
Land Rover Installation
Movie 1
Movie 2
Installation of the Land Rover Tactical Target
Tactical Targets
This vehicle was used for transport on the range until recently when it succumbed to the hostile environment. Note the amount of standing water even at low tide.
A number of tactical targets have been produced using a frame and netting. Although these look fairly unimpressive from the ground, aircrew claim that they are very realistic from the air!
Many of the AFVs have become victims of the treacherous range sands. AFV target
Vehicles undergoing preparation for use as targets AFVs are regularly removed and returned to the range. Damage to an AFV from a 3kg Practice Bomb.


RAF Wainfleet Target Scoring Technique Release of Dummy Storm Shadow Pod Harrier bombing run & "splash"