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Originally based at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, the Engineering Science Aviation Group (ESAG) was founded by Phil Webb in early 1992 and initially consisted solely of Engineering Department technicians. From here the group grew with a membership from a wide cross-section of both age and background but who all shared a passion for aviation and in particular military aviation.

ESAG has, almost since conception, been actively raising funds for RAF-related charities and RAF Squadrons/Units as a token of our thanks for the many station and squadron visits we have been afforded over the years. 1996 saw the Group embark on a more focused fundraising programme which involved us producing our own merchandise which we sold at a number of venues including airshows and RAF Families' Days. Some of the items were a little dubious to say the least such as BLU36 Area Denial Practice Bombs and 5kg Smoke & Flash Bombs, a bit trickier to get away with nowadays!!

ESAG now concentrates purely on producing Personal RAF History Prints, Laminated Squadron Coasters and Framed AIrcraft Prints. To date we have raised over £27.5k.

We are very proud and privileged to be affiliated with101 Squadron for a number of years and continue to support the Squadron whenever and however we can.

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