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esag sqn/unit badge coasters

ESAG Command Badge Coasters are 94mm x 94mm, laminated with a 500 micron high quality laminate pouch, making them very light and durable although they are not recommended for hot drinks on vulnerable furniture. They are however only a fraction of the cost of the bulkier board/cork-backed type which makes them ideal for all sorts of occasions such as Association and reunion events.

Image quality is dependant on the source. As you will see if you scan through the whole range, there are many very old and obscure badges which have be acquired from a great variety of sources.

We are constantly expanding the range as and when time allows so be sure to check back here occasionally and if you have a squadron or unit badge you would like included please send us an image - preferably good quality - and we will produce it on coasters.

We can also produce coasters to a clients' own design, (subject to copyright permission) so why not send us a sample image and let us give a quote in complete confidence.

availability @ 29.04.16

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